Activate and align your chakra.

Organic 7 Chakra balancing tea.

Ingredients: Lavender, Eyebright, Red clover, Hawthorn leaf & flower, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Calendula & Ginger.

Origin: Egypt, Bulgaria, China Poland.


Chakra healing focuses on balancing your main energy centres in the body. When your energy centres are imbalanced, we can experience illness along with emotional imbalance. Correcting your energy flow through your body, increases vitality emotional and spiritual well being. To make chakra balancing more effective , you set your intention to build and release a type of energy as you drink, visualise a ball of light the colour of that chakra spinning as you drink. 


Crown chakra -(I understand) with Lavender. Crown chakra connects us to the divine energy, that reaches far and beyond. When blocked with feel disconnecte to spiritually and living with out purpose or direction. On the physical level this can lead to depression, nervous disorder, ADD, dyslexia.

Lavender flower, lotus flower.


Third Eye chakra-(I see) with Eyebright, the third eye is the center for clear thinking and decision making, beautiful deep indigo colour. Assoicated with the penal gland and intuition, A weekness may show up with headache, migraines, insomnia, nightmares or eye & eye problems.

Eyebright, frankincense oil, mugwort, poppy seeds, juniper.


Throat chakra- ( I speak) with Red clover beautiful blue colour that activates your communication centre. Your thyroid lays under the skin at your throat.

Red clover, seaweed.


Heart chakra- (I love) with Hawthorn Berries activates you love, compassion and forgiveness,

Strengthen you circulation with Hwathorn Berries, jasmine, rose, basil, thyme and parsley.


Solar plexis chakra-(I do) wtih Rosemary solar plexis chakra is where you feel you gut instinct. this energy centre acivates your emotional and digestive system.


Sacral chakra- (I feel) with Calendula the sacral chakra is resposible for your sexual wellness.

Located just below your navel.


Root chakra ( I am) with Dandelion root , the root chakra is at the base of your spine near your tail bone, the colour is red it connects as to earth, grounding you in the physical realm, keeping us in the moment . -

Dandelion Root, ginger, sage.








Balancing Your chakra



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